Welcome, and thank you for being present here. I'm Sarit Zeltzer, a licensed psychotherapist specializing in arts and expressive therapies – a practice rooted in mindfulness. With training from Bezalel Academy, the Tobias School, and Lesley University, my life's work is to guide others in unlocking their inner potential through creativity and present awareness.

If you find yourself struggling with emotional, physical, or mental challenges in the wake of trauma, know that you're not alone. I provide a gentle, mindful space to process traumatic experiences and embark on a journey of post-traumatic growth. Countless individuals have discovered the transformative power of integrating simple mindfulness practices and creativity with cognitive-behavioural techniques (CBT) into their daily lives.  

Our journey together is about healing, increasing your present-moment awareness, reframing unhelpful thought patterns, and unlocking your innate capacity for resilience. I'm here to guide you, to support you, and to help you reclaim your authentic self. Trust in this process, and let's embark on this transformative journey of post-traumatic growth together.

Mindfulness has been woven into the tapestry of my being from an early age, thanks to a formative event that shaped my perspective. This practice lays the foundation for my work supporting individuals and groups through life's complexities – from fertility challenges (Gaya method) to childhood difficulties and adult stressors.

I feel deeply honoured to hold space for children with special needs and their families as they navigate trauma and discover their inner strengths. This work extends to group sessions at the Argaman Institute in Tel Aviv.

Our shared purpose is to create a path that allows you to trust the process, to peel back the layers of trauma and struggle, and to arrive at your authentic self ultimately – a place of feeling truly at home. I'm here to provide a gentle, mindful presence as you embark on this transformative journey of post-traumatic growth.

Sarit Zeltzer

Welcome to my home page

Welcome and nice you have arrived at my home page

My name is Sarit Zeltzer, I love practicing meditation on the beach, and I work as a therapist and guide at a private clinic in Herzliya. Over the years, I have treated children at risk and children with autism as part of an association. I have combined mindfulness and art in private, group, and dyadic therapy. I teach professional development courses for teachers and therapists in private settings and at the Ministry of Education. I also give lectures and workshops at conferences in Israel and around the world.

I have been practicing Tai Chi attentiveness since 1993. I developed the Gaia method, which is a healing approach through creativity, during pregnancy and childbirth processes.

As an expressive and creative psychotherapist, I hold a master's degree from LESLEY University, I studied in the Therapeutic Art Anthroposophic program at Tobias School in England. I am a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.

If you have any questions, thoughts, or requests at any given moment, I am here for you.

I have several stories that have shaped my life's path, just like everyone else. A dramatic event led me to daily meditation practice and eventually to the world of therapy. It was a year after I finished my studies at Bezalel when a car accident disrupted my career as a designer and artist. The loss of consciousness and being bedridden for a few days led me to a transformative shift in perception and a daily meditation practice that has lasted for 30 years.

When I woke up, it was clear to me that the near-death experience echoed my strong desire to live. The recovery process, which I consider a journey of discovery, lasted for over a year. During this period, I discovered the strength within me that was ready to let go of the past and focus on the present moment while slowly weaving my future. Tai Chi practice and tailored nutrition allowed me to reconnect with the world, cultivate awareness, and find tranquility even amidst external and internal turbulence.

I realized the importance of being aware of the present moment and the fact that nothing is taken for granted. I learned to appreciate the ability to take a blank page, place a hand covered in blue paint on it, and let the movement freely unfold, adding color and nurturing the growth of an image of a tree on the paper. Thanks to the recovery process from the accident, I experienced the power of creation, being attentive, and appreciating what exists in the present moment as a healing force.

The accident, the recovery, my experience as an artist, and as a facilitator of creative courses, combined with my studies in art therapy with an anthroposophic approach in England, gained significance and meaning through the experiences of my pregnancies and childbirths. My birth stories, like those of many women who come to me, often begin with traumatic birth experiences and the need for a healing birth experience before the next birth. As a result, I developed the Gaia method, a healing approach through creativity, for the processes of conception, pregnancy, and birth. Over the years, I have trained professional women in various frameworks (doulas, midwives, and childbirth preparation instructors) to use the Gaia method.

I continue to learn from my journey, my family, my clients, and my students about the constancy of change and how it can be activated again and again through the power of creativity and attentiveness (mindfulness). This promotes healing and the sense of being able to feel at home with any path taken.

Courses and retreats

  • Courses, workshops, and retreatsThe mindfulness approach tools are proven in research to help reduce stress and cope with emotional dysregulation. It is now known that attentiveness allows the development of communication skills, emotion regulation, and mental clarity through intentional and non-judgmental attention to sensations, thoughts, and emotions in the present tense. Creation allows...

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  • Brain training to cultivate mental and emotional well-being even in challenging times

    In the workshop, we will learn about and experience a practice based on brain research. This research proves that a short workout per day can change brain functions and improve the quality of life when dealing with challenges and solving problems.  Each session includes theoretical background, practice, and sharing. Between the sessions, personal practice is sent,  How...

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  • Shared humanity, lecture and workshop at the art therapy conference in Riga.

    This story began in 2020 and brought me to give a lecture and workshop at the European Conference of Art Therapy, held in Riga. It all started during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic when we were all in lockdown. Despite the pressure and worry, inspiring initiatives started to emerge, promoting connection even in a time of isolation.New opportunities were created, how to find freedom within...

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  • This 3-day program will introduce you to the basics of mindfulness and how it can promote a sense of well-being and creativity. Each day, we will begin with a brief theoretical overview of the mind-body connection, followed by an experiential practice aimed at helping you focus your attention, relax your body, and cultivate a more mindful awareness of the present moment.Schedule:Day...

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  • The days of Corona created for all of us a sharp perceptual change in reality, a sudden halt of conduct that was self-evident and suddenly stopped.  If there was a clear knowledge of how things were going, it would have changed. Suddenly dealing with new situations of being together, or alone, about the fear and all sorts of things that we just didn't imagine that suddenly because...

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  • The integration of the mindfulness approach in mental health therapy was developed as a therapeutic intervention about 40 years ago by the scientist, author, and professor of medicine John Kabat-Zin.Mindfulness has been proven in research to help reduce stress and cope with a lack of emotional regulation. It is now known that the practice of access tools contributes to the development of...

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Fertility, Pregnancy and Childbirth - The Gaia Met

The Gaya method was created during an advanced pregnancy, an encounter between an emotional state of anxiety and a state of mind of creativity.

The tools of the method were formulated through study, practice, and in-depth introspection and are based on approaches and methods that combine meditation, focus, and creativity in healing processes, which I learned in the years preceding the development of the method. Later in Ilana Shemesh's book "Giving Birth at Home", a chapter was devoted to describing the need for emotional preparation and the tools of the method.

More details about Gaia can be found here.

In my work with women in fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum, it is possible to reduce disturbing thoughts, criticisms, anxiety, and emotions that obscure the ability to see the good.

The tools and the practice make it possible to cultivate a creative ability in the here and now, which affects the functions of the brain, as can be explained today thanks to brain studies, the fact that the brain is flexible and that its functioning is influenced by the right / because of experiences and phenomena in life experiences or from patterns of behavior and thought.

The process is like a star trip, where you get to know the center point from which we will leave and to which we will return, the exploration and observation at an always customized personal pace. The goal is to allow you to choose a new path for coping with the unknown towards pregnancy, during pregnancy, and after childbirth.

Here is a story that gives both a taste of what you do in the sessions and a process that started from a blockage and ended with a birth.

Noa arrived because she received a recommendation for a first appointment, the night before the start of the IVF process, because of what she already had to lose.

There was only a faint mention of previous birth experiences and their impact on her current attitude towards pregnancy in general and childbirth in particular.

In a gentle and attentive process, we addressed the experiences of loss of control and helplessness, limitless intrusion "because they cut me everything in my stomach is ruined, blocked" there was tremendous anger at the staff and especially anger at her coping.

How to be in the presence of such a situation of vulnerability and helplessness? Practice sometimes lying down and paying attention to the body, sometimes a piece that reflected possibilities that she could not think about when the thought was hazy with tears flooding.

Noa persevered in the practice of attention and attending the sessions, slowly becoming able to react differently to the feeling of distrust and helplessness. Recognition of the ability to forgive and accept the situation as it is.

The sessions were as an anchor to allow all emotions to float, to give attitude to the body. Talk and experiment with other possibilities of being with sensations, thoughts, and feelings, with the fact that there is no control in any situation.

She shared that something is happening, like a new order in relationships in the workplace (which has changed), with the spouse and children.

One morning she almost skipped into the room and when she sat down on the mattress, she put her hands on the floor and said I'm putting it here. "I'm pregnant, spontaneous like that all of a sudden...." And a big smile spread across her face, she added that this is what we have at the moment and it's good.

Along with the pregnancy, the anxieties returned and in each session, attention was given to what is now, for now, the sixth week pregnant. Seventh... Eighth... A challenging practice of being in pleasure with the pregnancy that is currently present.

Pregnancy at risk and continued to arrive, climbing stairs slowly, with constipation and breathing. The weeks passed and the stomach became present, meaningful practice of how to be present in the here and now in the body and not let anxiety manage things.

Weeks and months pass in the "most unphotographed pregnancy" she said when she laughed and approved a one-time photo that does not include a face at week 35. At week 37, she admitted that she felt that there was an agreement to communicate internally with the person within whom she was emerging and already really big and that the direction was clear, she would be next to her.

The reference to childbirth in subsequent sessions included a reference to the possibility of a corrective experience. How significant the words are when it is going to be "cesarean delivery" and not surgery, it is possible to breathe a little better.

Setting clear boundaries and focusing attention on what is good. At the last meeting, which was two days before the birth, we hugged and decided that when the time came after, we would meet again.

On the afternoon of the appointed date, two days after our meeting, I received a picture from the delivery room of a happy smiling Noa holding a stunning baby in her hands.

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